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Active 8 is a superb Oil additive that is safe to use in modern motorcycle engines with Wet or Dry clutch!

Activ8 Oil Additive and Friction Reducer is a complex oil based additive that gives metal-to-metal protection under extreme physical conditions. It bonds into the metal surface at above 50 degrees centigrade, creating an extremely low friction surface which is able to withstand excessive pressures and very efficiently dissipate heat.

It works with all commercially available lubricants and contains no solids such as PTFE (Teflon), molybdenum, copper, lead, etc.

It uses chlorinated hydrocarbon technology and, when used as directed, will reduce surface wear and frictional heat, thus reducing metal to metal wear and thereby extending mechanical life.



Activ8 Oils Additive in 4 cycle/stroke engines.

For the initial treatment add ACTIV8 to the engine oil at a ratio of between 2.5 and 5 percent of the sump capacity. i.e. between 25ml and 50ml per litre of oil.

In a standard auto application this treatment will last for 25k miles or 5 oil changes.

Manufacturers' recommended oil changes should be observed. But after the first treatment with ACTIV8 there is no need to add any more ACTIV8 until 25k miles or 5 oil changes have been completed.

A further treatment using half the original quantity will maintain the required ratio for a further 25k miles or 5 oil changes.

The exact percentage of ACTIV8 to oil, desirable for high performance engines, such as when racing, can only be ascertained during tuning trials.

125ml: For treating all Cars up to 1800cc and Motorcycle with engine/gearbox units up to 800cc.
250ml: For treating all Cars up to 5500cc and Motorcycle with engine/gearbox units over 800cc.
1000ml: Commercial size for treating more then one vehicle.

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