Change front and rear seat for BMW R850C, R1200C

Brand: Hornig
Product Code: sitzF
Price: £184.69 Ex Tax: £153.91
The drivers and pillion rider s seat are equipped with a fluting in order to release the tail bone. The seats were also broadened for about 15mm. The padding consists of two layers, the upper one comfortably soft and the lower one avoids denting. We especially took care of the pilion rider s comfort: Here, the seat is increased in the middle front part to inhibit a cramped position. These alterations care for a tangible comfortable riding - free from pain. Also the vexatious sliding when the driver brakes has an end now. The seats are slippage related material. Available in three heights (please note in the comment with the article number): 1: like the original one 2: lower (- ca. 25mm) 3: higher (+ ca. 25mm) Your seat gets altered - you have to send it in! The change takes about 2 weeks.

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